Jun 19, 2012

Stories Inspired By Real-Life Objects

We've got heavy rain, soaked ground and high humidity here in Minnesota. It is not a day to go outside and play. I imagine kids will be lurking around the house looking for something to do. Create a story challenge. Ask your child to write a story (or if they are too young, to draw you a story) inspired by an object in your home. Teach creative thinking by asking your child to carefully observe each room and its contents and to select three possible items. Then discuss the possibilities of each and help the child be enthusiastic about one item. Then, set them to work at the kitchen table or desk with paper and pencils and wait for genius to arrive. Inside the imagination is a great place to play.

Need a bit of inspiration? Grandma Rose's Magic, the latest book by Linda Elovitz Marshall (who also wrote the charming Talia and the Rude Vegetables and has another book, The Mitzvah Magician, forthcoming this fall) is inspired by a real-life object.

The story focuses on Grandma Rose, a skilled seamstress. She creates garments and goods for her customers, and saves the money she earns to purchase dishes she admires in the big downtown department store. But, when she has earned enough, the dishes are gone! To her surprise, she does receive the beautiful dishes that look just like the ones her grandma had, but not in the way she expected!

Grandma Rose's Magic is special, but even more so when you know it is inspired by a real set of dishes. Here is a picture, courtesy of the author!

What object would you write a story about?

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