Feb 7, 2013

What Kind of Superhero Would You Be?

One of our new titles “The Purim Superhero” is about Nate, a little boy who decides to dress the way he wants for the costume party. In the Megillah, Esther is the heroine of the Jewish people because she stood up for her people (learn more by reading The Queen Who Saved Her People).
There’s a great lesson in Esther and Nate’s stories. They both take the scarier path and end up inspiring the people around them. Esther saved the Jews from Haman’s villainous plot and Nate is rewarded by expressing his creativity. Nate becomes his own hero because he did what he felt was best, even if it wasn’t popular, much like Esther did by standing up to the king and Haman.
There are many different ways to be a hero. What kind of superhero would you be? Is there a historical figure that inspires you? Or maybe there’s a character you would like to bring to life, just like Nate does in the story.