Jun 25, 2012

Have an Imagination Vacation - Top 5 Books about Visiting Israel

Don’t have time or money to travel a long way this summer? Take an imagination vacation instead and explore all that makes Israel a special place.

5. Zvuvi’s Israel - With clever text and colorful pictures, Zvuvi takes the reader on a tour of Israel, buzzing through the modern cities, ancient ruins and nature preserves of the country, from north to south. Children can search for him hiding on the slopes of Mt. Hermon, in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, and among the models in the Mini-Israel theme park. Zvuvi has a blog…check it out!

4. Dinosaur Goes to Israel - Dino’s (Dinosaur on Hanukkah, Dinosaur on Passover, Dinosaur on Shabbat) adventures continue as he boards a plane for Israel. He munches on falafel, tucks a message high up on the Western Wall, and invites a friendly camel to go snorkeling in Eilat. Kids will chuckle at his comic escapades as a tourist.

3. Let’s Visit Israel - This board book highlights the many ways one can tour Israel-by Jeep, cable car, bus, camel, and foot. This simple book, with bright illustrations, is a perfect introduction to Israel for very young children. 

2. Ella’s Trip to Israel - Young Ella and her stuffed monkey take a trip to Israel with her family! Ella enjoys visiting the country's famous sites, while Koofi the monkey experiences Israel in his own surprising and endearing way!

Sammy Spider’s First Trip to Israel and Sammy Spider’s Israel Fun Book – the curious spider stows away and explores Israel with Josh and the Shapiros.
Free Activities: Download sample pages from Sammy Spider's Israel Fun Book! 

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