Jul 10, 2012

Marriage Mini Photo-Essay from Tzfat

Kar-Ben author Allison Ofanansky’s books are synonymous with showing and sharing the joys of Jewish life. Each of her books (Sukkot Treasure Hunt, Harvest of Light and What’s the Buzz) offers a photo-essay and narration of a slice of life in Israel.

Sukkot Treasure Hunt tells the story of Allison’s family as they seek out all four species for their Sukkot celebration. As readers watch the family pursue their treasure hunt, they see what makes Israel a special place, and are introduced to the landscape and people of Tzfat. One of these people is Avichi. Recently Allison shared news from her community in Tzfat about Avichi.

Last week, on July 4, Avichi married a lovely young woman named Kirin! Just like the photos in Allison’s books, these wedding pictures are worth a thousand words and offer a glimpse into a wonderful celebration in Tzfat!

Mazel tov to the bride and groom!

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