Apr 5, 2017

Sammy Spider Craft Celebrates Shapes This Passover!

Learning shapes is an important part of a child’s basic skill set, and we’ve got a new title out that helps the youngest readers acquire those skills while celebrating Passover at the same time!

Sammy Spider’sPassover Shapes, for age 1-4, includes colorful art of Sammy Spider observing a family getting ready for Passover. Curious Sammy sees lots of shapes, like the square of the matzah, as the Shapiro family prepares for Passover.

References like the matzah help children visualize shapes, and Sammy’s fun journey encourages them to also be curious! 

Adding on to that learning, we’ve created a fun craft project that will help develop a child’s fine motor and shape skills without them even realizing it--the best kind of learning!

Make Your Own Sammy Spider:

1. Grab a piece of paper to glue Sammy on. Draw lots of shapes to make it an interesting background! Can you draw the Star of David?

2. Find some colorful construction paper. Mix and match the colors if you want!

3. Cut out two circles from the construction paper: a small one for Sammy’s head, and a big one for his body.

4. Cut out eight thin rectangles. Make them long like a spider’s legs!

5. Cut out two very small circles for his eyes.

6. Glue it all on the paper! Legs first, then body, head and eyes last. Draw a smile on his face.

7. Enjoy having your own Sammy Spider!

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