Mar 31, 2017

Cherishing Family Traditions at Passover

Passover begins in just a couple weeks, and what better way to spend the holiday than with a new book and a tasty recipe?

Kar-Ben has three new books about Passover this season—Sammy Spider’s Passover Shapes, Passover Scavenger Hunt, and A Different Kind of Passover. This post features A Different Kind of Passover by Linda Leopold Strauss.

In A Different Kind of Passover, Jessica’s family has to deal with Grandpa being too weak to join them for seder due to illness. Jessica’s been practicing her Four Questions, and it won’t be the same if Grandpa isn’t able to tell the family the story of Passover like he always does. With a little problem solving, Jessica discovers a way to include Grandpa and make this year’s seder one to remember.

Jessica’s story, especially her desire to celebrate familiar traditions, is a reminder of how the holidays bring family together, and the joy that results. What family traditions do you look forward to each year? Is it where you gather? Who leads the seder? Maybe special foods that you look forward to all year?

Start a new family tradition and make your own seder memorable with this delicious, colorful dish for Passover:

Gefilte Fish Loaf
2 packages frozen gefilte fish
1 10 oz. package frozen spinach
1 1lb. can sliced carrots
Defrost gefilte fish and divide evenly into three bowls.  Defrost spinach, squeeze out water, and mix into one bowl of fish.  Mash carrots and mix into a second bowl.  Spray a large loaf pan with non-stick spray.  Layer the spinach-fish mixture on the bottom and pat down.  Cover with the plain fish.  Top with the carrot-fish mixture.  Cover with waxed paper or foil and bake at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. Enjoy!

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