May 11, 2012

Kar-Ben Books for Mother's Day!

Do your Mother's Day plans involve reading together? Here are a few titles to share this weekend!

A Grandma Like Yours
A whimsical collection of animal grandparents illustrate the characteristics of Jewish grandparents. Read about grandmas, bubbes and savtas!

Read together and then make up your own stories about your family!

Always an Olivia
An elderly black grandmother passes on the story of the family’s Jewish origins to her young granddaughter, Carol Olivia. As family members flee the Spanish Inquisition, are kidnapped by pirates and eventually sail to America, one daughter in each generation is given the name Olivia, from the Hebrew Shulamit meaning “peace,” to honor the Jewish part of their ancestry.
A Mother's Day visit is a perfect time to share your family history with young members of your family!

At God's command, Abraham and Sarah leave their home and travel to Canaan with family and friends. But their joy is always dimmed by their wish for a child. God has promised that Abraham will be the father of a nation.

One day three strangers arrive at their tent. Sarah overhears them talking to Abraham, saying that she will soon be a mother.

"I'm too old," she laughs. But God doesn't forget promises…

In a year, a baby is born. She names him Isaac, which means “laughter,” and the world rejoices with her.

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