Apr 25, 2012

Preschool or Kindergarten Graduation Gifts: A Top 5 List

Now is the time when plans for graduation ceremonies are in full swing, even for young students. Do you remember donning a cap (maybe made of construction paper--get the directions for the adorable cap above) and getting a little certificate rolled up and tied with yarn (so as to resemble a diploma)? I do. In fact, I was seaching for something in the plastic storage box I use to hold “life archives” and came across my kindergarten “diploma” just the other day. Pretty remarkable, since kindergarten happened over thirty years ago for me!
Give your “graduating class” a diploma and a present to remember you by!  

5. It’s Tot Shabbat by Naomi Danis is about a group of preschoolers learning about Shabbat. If your nursery school has a Friday afternoon oneg Shabbat, then chances are your students would fit right into the book. Help establish a love for Shabbat and its rituals with this sweet little book. (Plan ahead and take a picture of your class at your next Friday afternoon celebration, get duplicates made and slip one into each book!)

4. My First Hebrew Word Book is a perfect send-off gift! With over 150 Hebrew words, with transliterations and translations, it can inspire bilingualism and foster a love of learning and a love for Israel, plus it is really fun! Did you know that “galgiliyot” is how to pronounce “roller skates”?

3. The Shabbat Box is a particularly good choice for kids who are going on to a Jewish day school. It's finally Ira's turn to take home the Shabbat Box from school, but a bad storm blows open his book bag and the box is lost. Kids can relate to the story, and they learn that a perceived calamity is just that!  
2. Hannah’s Way tells the story of a girl who is the only Jewish student in her class! When her teacher tries to arrange carpools for a Saturday picnic, Hannah is upset. Her family is observant, and she knows she cannot ride on the Sabbath. See how Hannah’s schoolmates solve the problem and make Hannah feel included.

1. Sammy Spider has had many firsts, but just like preschool students, he wonders what school is actually like. It’s Sammy’s lucky day when he hitches a ride to preschool in Josh’s backpack! The children are learning the Jewish principle of kindness to animals, but what will happen when they discover a scary spider in the classroom?

Who doesn’t love Sammy? A plush toy would make graduation day extra special!

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