Sep 9, 2011

Buzzworthy: Interview with Allison Ofanansky

What does author Allison Ofanansky have in common with one of her favorite authors, A.A. Milne?

Both of them write about honey, Milne with his honey eating bear and Ofanansky with What’s the Buzz? Honey for a Sweet New Year. This new book uses words and photography to introduce kids to the process of making honey on an Israeli honey farm. We asked Ofanansky to tell us more about her writing and new book:

Why did you want to become an author or illustrator?
Because I love to read so much I wanted to create books for others, and because I want to share my experiences of living in Israel and interacting with nature.
What are you most excited about promoting in your new book?
I am excited about including so many of my daughters' friends in the next book. I have also enjoyed meeting the people at Dovrat Hatavor and seeing the interesting and engaging way they teach kids about bees and honey.

How do you hope your book will impact the Jewish life of a child?
 I hope that all the books in this series will show the connection between the Jewish holidays and nature, especially the way the seasons in Israel correspond to the different holidays. I also hope to show children a bit about how things can be made or done or found on their own—that not everything has to be bought in a store.

What are some fun facts about you?
I used to go on very long bike trips in the mountains, sometimes lasting weeks or even months. Now I enjoy gardening and hiking around near where I live in the Galilee.

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