Apr 1, 2013

Celebrate Opening Day with Books

We're a little bit lucky in that Target Field is a just a few blocks from our offices here in chilly Minneapolis. It is a beautiful ballpark and a nice destination for a lunch hour walk. While there is no snow forecast for opening day, it will be on the cooler side as fans watch the boys of summer in 20 degree wind chills.

Do you love baseball? Excited for opening day? Here are some books to inspire young baseball fans, direct to you from Minnesota Twins Territory.

All-Star Season
Reuven is quiet and thoughtful. His younger brother Avi is outgoing and impulsive. As irritating as they can be to each other, the boys have two strong bonds-the solidity of their Jewish family life and their passionate love for baseball. As the book opens, Reuven, a pitcher, is desperately working for a spot on the end-of-season All-Star team, while happy-go-lucky Avi probably hasn't even thought that far ahead. Reuven is willing to ignore the advice of his parents and even involve his younger brother in his campaign to succeed. The tensions leading to the big game-and its surprise outcome-will satisfy all young baseball fans.

Matzah Ball: A Passover Story
Aaron is invited to a baseball game during Passover, and his mom sends him with a bag lunch of matzah and tuna. Aaron is embarrassed until his friends go off for snacks and something wonderful happens.

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