Nov 28, 2012

4 Kids' Hanukkah Gifts Under $10

4. 8 Books for 8 Bucks for 8 Nights of Hanukkah
Give a book each night or give one to eight of your favorite young readers!
For $8, get an assortment of Kar-Ben's award winning books to enjoy each night during Hanukkah.  The set includes one paperback copy of each of these Hanukkah books:
Ziz and Hanukkah Miracle
Hanukkah Around the World
Harvest of Light
Jodie's Hanukkah Dig
Lots of Latkes
Menorah Under the Sea
Nathan Blows Out the Hanukkah Candles
It’s Hanukkah Time
Note: This deal no longer available.  
3. Sammy Spider Plush Toy
At $9.95, this is a great gift for any fan of Sammy Spider to bring imagination to life and create his or her own Sammy adventures! An adorable stuffed Sammy Spider toy with a pouch on his tummy so he can be used as a puppet! Colorful velveteen fabric, bean-bag type stuffing, jointed legs, 5-inch diameter body. U.S. safety-inspected.

2. Thank You, God!: A Child's Book of Prayers
A first prayer book for young children, with 21 traditional prayers in simple Hebrew, transliteration, and English. Contains blessings for a new day, bounty of our food, Sabbath, and holiday rituals. A beautiful book to inspire a lifetime of love for Judaism. $7.95

Give the gift of movement, language and fun! Learn the Hebrew alphabet through yoga! Using traditional and modified yoga poses, kids can create the letters and also benefit from the stretching and strengthening offered by each pose. $7.95

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