Jul 24, 2012

Janusz Korczak and the Power of Storytelling

Though the Holocaust is unequivocally understood as a time of pain and suffering, of fear and distress, it was also a time of unshaken loyalty and devotion, showing the world that light can still exist in a period of darkness.

Kar-Ben author Gloria Spielman’s book, Janusz Korczak’s Children, illuminates this important aspect. In 38 pages, we hear the extraordinary story of Janusz Korczak, a Polish doctor, writer, and orphanage head who provided hundreds of children with food, shelter, and a sense of purpose. Though ultimately overtaken by the Nazis, Korczak stood by his children until the bitter end.

At night when the children were sleeping, Korczak would write children’s books that he would share with the children in his orphanage, sparking their imaginations and dreams. One of his books, Kaytek the Wizard, was recently translated into English. The book tells the story of a Polish boy that travels the world looking for meaning, only to realize that his home and family are what matter most.  Kaytek the Wizard was recently reviewed by Jewish Book Review blog.

Janusz Korczak’s Children teaches one of the most important lessons a child can learn: even in the harshest conditions, the human capacity for good remains, and the potential for light is ever-present.

 -Max Edwards

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