Mar 21, 2012

Afikomen Presents - A Top 5 List

Does your family have a tradition of Afikomen gifts? Whether you give to the winner who “ransoms” the Afikomen or to all who look, here are ideas for kids of all ages. Finding the Afikomen is so much fun, that we even have a book about it--Afikomen Mambo!
5. Cookbooks – Matzah Meals and Tasty Bible Stories are two terrific titles for children who are inclined towards cooking. A bonus gift would be hosting the budding cook in your kitchen one day to try out a couple recipes.

4. Jewish Sports Stars is a great read for kids 10 and up, especially reluctant readers who happen to like sports.

3. You can’t forget the wee ones, even if you think they’ll be asleep by the time to look for the Afikomen. Board Books are the perfect gift, and a perennial favorite is The Colors of My Jewish Year.

2. For kids who like to move, the Alef-Bet Yoga for Kids book is really fun. It teaches yoga poses and the Hebrew alphabet! Add the poster, too!

1. The ultimate, maybe extravagant, but definitely packed with educational value and Jewish learning gift: The Sammy Spider Complete Book Set, which includes 12 different Sammy Spider books!

Sammy Spider plush toys make great gifts, especially at each child’s place setting with a Sammy Spider Haggadah! What a special kids' table that would be!

What is the Afikomen present tradition in your family?

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