Feb 14, 2012

Contemplating Your Purim Costume?

photo by Tod Cohen from It's Purim Time!
Might we suggest some costumes inspired by books?

Everybody's Favorite Spider: Sammy Spider!
Tie dye a hoodie and sweatpants, along with enough white socks to become Sammy's legs.
Stitch the legs to the hoodie arms.
Attach fiber-filled fabric (colored socks would work) to the hood to make eyes.
Get Sammy Spider's First Purim.

The Ziz!

Kar-Ben's version of the mythical creature is more sweet and bumbling than terrifying, but it would be a unique costume. Orange leggings, a yellow hoodie with feathered maribou stitched to the arms and top of the hoodie, plus a construction paper beak would make a terrific Ziz costume. Yellow face paint with green eye make up would make the costume even more special. Of course, carry a copy of your favorite Ziz book!

This is one of many very clever ideas from the photo essay book It's Purim Time! all about the goings on in preparation for Purim in a preschool. This costume is a paper grocery bag cut in the shape of a hamentaschen and decorated with markers. Genius! Now in paperback, buy a copy of this book.

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