Jan 17, 2012

In the Artist's Studio: Barnyard Purim In Progress

Illustrator Barbara Johansen Newman recently wrote on her blog "Design Rocket' about how she enjoys looking at the studio spaces of artists and creative people.

She invited us into her studio to get a look at a new Kar-Ben book, Barnyard Purim, which she illustrated, in progress.

The book is about a group of farm animals who decide to stage a Purim shpiel. Barbara perfectly captures the whimsy of this premise!

Thanks for the tour!

Barbara paints with acrylics on 140 lb watercolor paper.

It is easy to forget that children's books are works of art, usually paintings or drawings.

You can see the animals on the farm!

The amount of work that goes into making a picture book is incredible!

Even more pictures! See the sneaky villain at the bottom right?

Here the whole Purim shpiel goes comically awry!

Real people make real art that becomes real books!


  1. Love Barbara's work. So wonderful to see illustrations done by hand and not by the computer.

  2. So fun seeing your studio! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I just love your work!!!
    You are an amazing Artist!!!

    Most importantly, my grandson loved your work!! He's Two and he kept saying Moo, Moo!!


  4. Well, it's obvious to me that I just my need a new writing space. Wow, it's beautiful!